Why Drinking Water is Important to Human Health?

Why Drinking Water is Important to Human Health

The human body is made up of sixty percent of water, the blood in a person’s body is ninety percent water and the world we live in is made up of about seventy-one percent water. So, it’s no surprise that something as overlooked as drinking water is very important in improving our health and maintaining our bodies. Drinking enough water is a habit that, although it beneficial to the health, is ubiquitous and so we don’t see the point of it. There are a lot of benefits of drinking water to our bodily fluids, kidneys and body functions, our skin and weight loss!

15 Health Benefits of Drinking Water Regularly

Drinking water benefits cannot be overemphasized as the body can only function properly if the person is taking water regularly. There are a lot of studies that have revealed the benefits of water, but we were able to narrow it down to fifteen important and healthy effects of drinking water.

1.    It Protects Sensitive Tissues

Sensitive tissues in the body like the spinal cord and the brain are cushioned when there is proper hydration in the body. This is one of the top reasons to drink water. Lack of water in the body will adversely influence the functions and structure of the brain so when you’re dehydrated, your reasoning and thoughts will be highly affected. This is one of the main reasons why you should have a cup of water when you wake up in the morning. Neurotransmitters and hormone production in the body is also highly dependent on the level of hydration.

2.    It Greases the Joints

The disks in the spine and cartilage in the joints are made up of eighty percent water and so the smooth movement of your joints depends on how much you drink water. You can end up with joint pain when you’re not drinking enough water because the lack of water will reduce the ability of the joints to absorb shock.

3.    It Manages Body Temperature

Sweat comes from the water in the middle of the skin that rises when the temperature of the environment increases. When the environment cools down, the sweat evaporates. So, when the body is dehydrated, there is too much heat in the body and the person won’t be able to take it. Benefits of drinking water are very important when it comes to maintaining the body temperature.

4.    It Helps with Weight Loss

Instead of taking a lot of artificial drinks like sodas and sweetened juices, it’s always best to drink water a lot before eating. Studies have shown that taking plain water influences weight loss and quality of one’s diet. This will prevent you from eating too much because of the feeling of fullness that drinking a lot of water will give you. Taking water with lemon for weight loss is also very effective.

5.    It Takes Oxygen around the Body

Seeing as the blood in your body is made up of ninety percent water, mostly water transports the oxygen to the brain and other parts of the body.

6.    It Improves Bowel Movement

Another one of the benefits of drinking water goes to the digestive system. For the bowel to work properly, you need to take water regularly. Digestive problems, heartburn, constipation, stomach ulcers and others may be caused because you’re not drinking enough water.

7.    It Increases Strength When Exercising

Taking water when exercising and doing other strenuous activities will improve your performance and increase your endurance to continue with that activity. When you don’t drink water enough, your time spent on a particular activity will be more than it should be.

8.    It Benefits the Skin

There are a lot of benefits of drinking water for skin. When you’re not drinking enough water, your skin becomes more prone to wrinkling early, skin disorders and other skin problems.

9.    It Averts Kidney Damage

When you don’t drink water enough, there is a high chance of developing kidney stones and other damages because the kidney is in charge of maintaining fluid in the body. Drinking a lot of water will prevent such damages.

10.  It Removes Body Waste

The process of getting rid of body waste like sweat, urine and feces is made possible by drinking water.

11.  It Transports Vitamins and Minerals

When we consume vitamins, nutrients and minerals in the body, they dissolve in the water in the body and this transports them to all parts of the body that needs it.

12.  It Creates Saliva

Saliva in the body is more important than you think. It does not only assist the digestion of our food, it also ensures that the nose, eyes and mouth are moist. Not drinking enough water might lead to damage in these parts. When you take a cup of water, you also keep your mouth clean and you prevent tooth decay.

13.  It Eases Your Respiratory System

Without enough water, your airways will be restricted because your body will keep trying to make do with the limited amount of water that’s left in your body. This is especially useful for those who have asthma and allergies which is why they should always drink a lot of water.

14.  It Regulates Blood Pressure

Drinking water regularly reduces the thickness of your blood and this reduces your blood pressure.

15.  It Averts Hangovers

Drinking a lot of water while partying along with your alcoholic drinks will reduce your consumption of alcohol. If you think plain water is a party pooper, try adding lemon and ice to yours.

All of these benefits to your health and more are the reasons to drink water regularly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

How Much Water Should You Drink Daily?

There is a lot of advice and different health studies on water intake given by health authorities on how much water one should drink every day. Knowing the recommended water per day will allow you maximize all the benefits of water that you need daily.

Some health guidelines say that you should take eight glasses of water every day which is about two liters while others say that you should sip water regularly throughout the day even if you’re not thirsty if you want to enjoy the benefits of water.

Drinking 3 liters of water a day may act like the balanced amount of water that you need to drink every day. You have to get the balance between not taking enough water and when you drink too much water. It’s always best to find out the amount of water that works best for your daily intake.

You should simply drink a lot of water when you’re thirsty and stop drinking when you don’t feel thirsty anymore. Also, when participating in strenuous activities like exercise or when the weather is hot, drink a lot of water to make up for the fluids you lose.

Drinking Water in the Morning

There are a lot of benefits of drinking water in the morning that will make the rest of your day amazing. As mentioned earlier, taking water is related to our thinking and reasoning and so, drinking recommended water per day starting with early in the morning will fuel your brain and improve your brain activity.

Another one of the benefits of drinking water in the morning is that it rehydrated the body and improves your alertness. It keeps you active in the morning instead of dragging yourself to get to work and it removes toxins in your body as long as you drink it immediately you wake up.

It also brings balance to your body’s immune system any time you consume a cup of water in the morning and it also increases your metabolism when you wake up. Drinking 3 liters of water a day or less should start in the morning so you can enjoy the great effects of taking water.

Drinking Water before Bed

A lot of studies contradict the benefits of drinking water before bed for one important reason. This reason is that taking water before bed might cause one to wake up in the night to urinate and this interrupts the sleep cycle. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t drink water before you sleep. It simply means that you shouldn’t drink too much water.

When you drink water before bed, one of the benefits is that your mood will be improved. This will actually improve your sleep pattern according to a study. This will make you more calm, satisfied and positive while you sleep as long as you have a cup of water.

The other benefits of drinking water before bed is that water is a natural cleanser. Drinking hot water before you go to bed will act as a natural cleanser to detoxify your body and enhance your digestion. Drinking hot water will also help you lose fluid in the night through sweat, clean out your dead skin cells and remove salts in your body that aren’t needed.

The benefits of drinking water before bed are very helpful to your overall health and sleep pattern.

Drinking Too Much Water

You might not believe it but there are some disadvantages of drinking water the same way there are advantages to taking water. The disadvantages usually come in when you take too much water instead of the recommended water per day.

One of the main disadvantages of drinking water is fluid overdose. Seeing as water improves our bodily fluids, it can also end up giving us more fluids than we need in the body. Over-hydration can also lead to headaches, a drop in your electrolyte levels and reduction of potassium in the body. It also leads to fluid imbalance and lower sodium levels in the body.

At the end of the day, when you drink too much water, you can experience vomiting and nausea, cramps, fatigue and other symptoms of hypernatremia. Studies have shown that although a small amount of water daily isn’t healthy, drinking too much water will tip the balance and introduce you to the disadvantages of drinking water.

Drinking Water and Losing Weight

Taking water for weight loss has been proven to be quite effective and healthy by different studies. Drinking water to lose weight can contribute to your weight loss by simply replacing a lot of unhealthy drinks and most of what you eat with water. When you drink a lot of water, you feel full and this reduces the amount of food that you want to eat.

One of the benefits of drinking water for weight loss lies in the fact that water is an appetite suppressant. Drinking water a lot before you eat can reduce about 75 calories of your every meal because you’ll feel too full to eat a lot. When you apply this to every single meal you eat, you’d be surprised how much weight you’ll lose just by taking water for weight loss.

You should also drink the water cold. Drinking ice cold water will increase the metabolism in your body and cause it to burn more calories because your body will try to heat up the water. This will help you lose weight and refresh you at the same time and so you can easily be drinking water to lose weight.

Also, reduce carbonated drinks and drinks that have a lot of calories with water. Drinks like sodas and juice need to be left behind and replaced with good, old-fashioned drinking water if you want to enjoy the benefits of drinking water for weight loss. If the thought of plain water sounds discouraging, you can always take honey water or enjoy a cup of hot lemon water. This is even more effective because lemon reduces your level of hunger and so it’s great to use this if you want to lose or maintain your weight.

To completely enjoy drinking water for weight loss, you should drink the recommended amount of water per day by nutritionists. You can also mix it up by drinking water with lemon.

Does Drinking Water Benefit Your Skin?

There are a lot of benefits of drinking water for skin. Staying hydrated is not only ideal for your overall health as it also affects your skin and your hair. Drinking a lot of water keeps you hydrated and so this reduces your wrinkles. Taking water also enhances your skin moisture and elasticity as well as improving your complexion.

Seeing as when you drink water, you detoxify your body system, you can fight and prevent a lot of skin problems like eczema, acne and psoriasis. As your body detoxifies, you’re left with glowing skin with a healthy complexion.

Another one of the benefits of drinking water for skin is in faster healing. Taking water regularly will speed up the healing process of your skin if you get injured or if you get a sunburn. Also, when your skin is puffy, this is because we are not drinking enough water and so our body tries to protect us by storing water in our skin. You can smooth out your skin by providing your body with enough water so that it won’t have to store.

One of the drinking water benefits to the skin is the reduced aging process. Drinking enough water will slow down the aging process and make your skin healthier. As your skin becomes healthy and plump, it will also reduce the wrinkles on your skin.

The pores on your skin will also become smaller as you drink more water and your skin will become tighter. This will avoid sagging skin as well as blemishes and acne. This will improve the appearance of your jawline, arms, stomach and legs.

Another one of the benefits of drinking water for skin is in maintaining pH balance and having hydrated skin. Your skin would no longer be dry, cracked or itchy and the pH balance of your skin will remain regulated to keep the skin free from blemishes and spots.

Taking water will definitely improve the skin and hair. There are also a lot of benefits of drinking water for hair and this includes hydrating your scalp, keeping your hair from being dry and breaking and ensuring that your hair is always glowing and shining.

Water and …

Water, Lemon and Honey

Drinking lemon water has proven to provide a lot of health benefits to the body, especially when you drink it first thing in the morning. When you’re drinking water with lemon, you enjoy the health benefits of water as well as those of lemon. If you’re especially looking to lose weight, you can use water and lemon for weight loss simultaneously by drinking lemon water. Drinking hot lemon water will also detoxify your body and increase your metabolism and weight losing.

Firstly, drinking lemon water will provide you with a lot of vitamin C. As one of the drinking water benefits is that it improves your immune system, vitamin C also enhances your immune system and so by drinking water with lemon, you end up with a much improved immune system.

As drinking water will grease your joints, vitamin C also eases the pain in your joints and knees. Drinking lemon water is also very good for detoxification of your body, aiding your digestion process and cleaning out your liver.

Lemon water is quite powerful, and if you want to increase the benefits of drinking water with lemon, you can also try out drinking lemon and honey water. Drinking this provide a lot of combined benefits.

This is because the advantages of drinking water, lemon benefits and honey benefits are quite similar so they all provide you with optimum good health. Lemon and honey water improves healthy weight loss, enhances the digestive process, boosts the immune system, energizes the body and wakes up the brain, improves one’s quality of sleep and also detoxifies the body, especially when you drink it first thing in the morning.

Honey water alone will also prevent or regulate your allergies. Honey has some anti-allergic properties that reduce the odds of you experiencing any allergy symptoms and so drinking honey water will protect you from all the environmental, allergen factors.

Honey water also improves the quality of your voice and gets rid of sore throat. It cannot only be used as a remedy for sore throat but also for coughs and cold. A study has shown that giving children honey water rather than giving them cough medicine is much better and effective in curing the cough. Also, if the child or teenager has a respiratory infection, honey water will improve their sleep quality.

Drinking Hot Water

It’s also very beneficial to drink your water hot sometimes rather than cold or lukewarm all the time. Since you mightbe drinking 3 liters of water a day, it’s best to ensure that you’re drinking your water hot in the morning and in the night.

Drinking hot water is very good for your health and so is drinking it with lemon or sugar. Hot water in the body will improve your digestion process, clear out any nasal congestion, lessen or completely relieve constipation, keep you properly hydrated and lubricate your body.

When you’re drinking hot water, you’re also calming your nervous system down, aiding weight loss- especially when it’s with lemon, reducing your stress levels, enhancing the circulation of blood in your body and ultimately, removing toxins in your body like water will normally do.

Starting your day by drinking hot water or ending your day with it will energize you in the morning and help you wind down at night. If you don’t enjoy plain hot water and are tempted to go for your morning coffee, studies have shown the benefits of taking hot lemon water instead to your overall health.

Even if drinking water benefits when it’s hot are great, taking water that is too hot can hurt you. Too hot water can burn your taste buds, damage some tissues in your esophagus and also scald your tongue. This is why it’s best to look at the temperature of the hot water you’re drinking first. If you’re participating in strenuous activity like exercising or the weather is hot, you should drink ice cold water instead of hot water.


Drinking water has proven to be more important and beneficial to the health than expected. Instead of it being a part of your everyday life that you don’t pay attention to, you could make it your priority to drink the right recommended water per day as well as add lemon or honey to your water regularly.

You could also ensure that you take water first thing in the morning and drink a little right before going to bed so that you can maximize the drinking water benefits.


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