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We write regular articles about lifestyle and how to live a healthy lifestyle. Articles are well-researched and linked to studies and other authority websites.

Workplace Wellbeing: Health, Performance and Tips

Workplace Wellbeing - The Giving Nature

Workplace wellbeing is one of the essential factors that determine an organisation’s continual success. Studies show that productivity levels are dependent on the wellbeing of the workforce. This means that a happy workforce is a productive workforce. Luckily, enterprises and institutions are increasingly appreciating this, and they are striving to ensure their workers and employees are …

How To Sleep Better

Sleep Better - The Giving Nature

Ever wondered how your work-life imbalance, severe academic pressures, social stress, peer pressure, unsatisfactory relationships, uncomfortable family structures and so on affect your sleeping pattern? If you still haven’t thought about it, then it’s probably time you start paying attention regarding your sleeping pattern. Interestingly, from choosing your right pillow to practicing yoga, research suggests …

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