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Aloe Vera: The Ultimate Guide

Aloe Vera: The Ultimate Guide - The Giving Nature

Welcome to The Giving Nature’s Ultimate Guide to Aloe Vera. We are sharing absolutely everything you need to know about Aloe vera. The Ultimate Guide covers the benefits, properties, and uses of Aloe vera. And for those of you who have access to fresh plants, we’ve added a recipe section. Here, you’ll find recipes using …

What Are Essential Oils? A Practical Guide To Using Essential Oils

Essential Oils - The Giving Nature

Essential oils are the essential “tools” in the aromatherapist’s toolbox. Unlike allopathic remedies that often translate to swallowing pills and potions, essential oils allow the patient to use smell as an extra aid in the healing process. Essential oils are used in various holistic and complementary therapies, from massage therapy to aromatherapy to Ayurvedic therapies, …

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