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Health Benefits Of Ginger

Health Benefits Of Ginger - The Giving Nature

Even before the great civilizations rose, humans have already recognized some of the ginger health benefits. Since ancient times, humans have been using ginger as a remedy for illnesses like colds, nausea, migraine, hypertension, and arthritis. Although it is possible that humans have been cultivating ginger as a medicinal plant before the Indians and the …

The Gluten Free Diet: What You Need to Know

The Gluten Free Diet - The Giving Nature

Going gluten-free has drawn a lot of attention in recent years, despite the fact that celiac disease cases are not increasing. Celebrities endorsed the gluten-free diet and now people are following it for non-medical purposes. There are several purported benefits to gluten free diet for those who do not have celiac diseasewhich made this diet …

Aloe Vera: The Ultimate Guide

Aloe Vera: The Ultimate Guide - The Giving Nature

Welcome to The Giving Nature’s Ultimate Guide to Aloe Vera. We are sharing absolutely everything you need to know about Aloe vera. The Ultimate Guide covers the benefits, properties, and uses of Aloe vera. And for those of you who have access to fresh plants, we’ve added a recipe section. Here, you’ll find recipes using …

Cacao: Nutrition, Benefits and Healthy Recipes

Cacao: Nutrition, Benefits and Healthy Recipes

Almost everyone loves chocolate. They’re delicious and chock full of healthy plant compounds and antioxidants to boot. However, not all chocolates are made equally, some of them may contain too much sugar while others are heavily processed. Fortunately, there are chocolates that are made out of the minimally-processed raw cacao which gives us more reasons …

Cashew Nuts: Nutrition, Benefits and Chicken Recipe

Cashew Nuts: Nutrition, Benefits and Chicken Recipe

Cashew nuts are great snacks for the health conscious. Packed with nutrients, they are beneficial to your heart – and your blood sugar too. While they’re good enough to eat on their own, they make for great additions to cashew nut recipes too. They can be used for vegan, gluten-free delicacies, such as cashew cheeses …

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