Naturally getting better health is always a good idea rather than using a lot of meds and supplements. We cannot survive without the blessings of our Mother Nature, and Frankincense is one of those blessings we should be aware of.

Before starting with the Frankincense benefits and the various uses of it, let us talk about what Frankincense is? Frankincense nicknamed as olibanum is prepared from the gum of the Boswellia tree. The dry and mountainous barren lands of India, the Middle East, and Africa are a suitable place for this tree.

Frankincense is one of the age-old natural components with a superpower to heal many ailments and also famed for being useful for Cancer. Frankincense has an arboreal and zesty smell. And these can be absorbed or inhaled easily. We will talk about the frankincense benefits thoroughly.

What is Frankincense?

So, what is frankincense? Well, we have already talked about what is the source of Frankincense and where it comes from. This organic compound is being used in Ayurvedic medicine for more than 100 years. Frankincense can be credited for treating many things like arthritis and ingestion. It also appears to be useful for asthma and improved oral health.

The word frankincense derived from the word “franc encens.” This particular word means excellent aroma in ancient French. Frankincense has been connected with many diverse faiths and cults over the years. The aroma of Frankincense is like an amalgamation of lemon, pine, and woody scents.

Frankincense and Myrrh

The partnership of Frankincense and Myrrh is quite age-old. It can be said that this duo is fabled and celebrated. Myrrh is a rosy gum that originates from the type of the species Commiphora. These are indigenous to Arabian Peninsula and northeast Africa.

Apart from the religious importance of the duo, frankincense and myrrh have medicinal uses. In 1500 B.C, priests these resins as a treatment of wounds. Ailments like leprosy, hemlock poisoning, leprosy, snakebites, worms, plague, diarrhea, and baldness were the everyday situations where these two resins had been administered. These two are now ingredients of contemporary cosmetics and perfumes.

Why is Frankincense Beneficial?

Frankincense is rich in compounds like anti-inflammatory and potentially anti-cancer, effects. According to different studies, frankincense is believed to avert the discharge of leukotriene. This particular compound causes inflammation. Boswellic acids and Terpene seem to be the robust anti-inflammatory complexes in frankincense. Frankincense essential oil is being used from ancient time to treat gout, arthritis, and inflammation-related ailments.

The Boswellic acids comprise active anti-bacterial property; that is why it is beneficial for any infection. Apart from that, Boswellic acid may prevent cancer cell growth and formation as well.

What is Frankincense Essential oil?

We have already talked about the source of frankincense oil. Essential oils are an integral part of aromatherapy, and this alternative way of treatment is quite age-old as well. Due to the woody and natural aroma of frankincense essential oil, it is known for relieving stress.

How to use frankincense oil?

The standard and popular way to use essential oil for benefit is to inhale it or by absorbing it. You can diffuse frankincense essential oil for a relaxing time and stress issues. Users often say that this particular essential oil also decreases the heart rate, nervousness, and help to balance the emotion.

You can try to sprinkle drops of pure frankincense oil on a cloth and inhale it directly.

Apart from defusing frankincense oil, you can use it for massage as well. There is no universal standard dose of these essential oils. But it is always recommended to use only a few drops of frankincense essential oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil, almond oil or jojoba oil. You can go for a path test before using it on your skin.

Frankincense Essential Oil Uses

Frankincense oil can be used for treating the following conditions:

  • Stress
  • Nervousness
  • Colds
  • Anxiety
  • Acne
  • Coughs
  • Ulcers
  • Indigestion

Frankincense Benefits

There are some myths about frankincense benefits because frankincense has a deep relation with human religion, believes, and cult. But here we will only talk about those benefits which have some scientific background and supported by proper researches.

1.    Anti-Inflammation

Leukotrienes are inflammation-causing compounds, and frankincense actively prevents its release. Apart from that, Boswellic acid and Terpene are also known for being a potent anti-inflammatory agent.

According to studies, the extract of frankincense may help diminish signs of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. It is also proved to be more effective for improving mobility and reducing pain than a placebo.

2.    Better Gut Function

Anti-inflammatory properties of frankincense may also help the gut to function in a balanced way. Apart from that Frankincense is also anti-bacterial but it keeps the good bacteria in your gut. So your gut gets the protection from Frankincense.

Two major gut diseases caused due to inflammation are ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Frankincense is useful for both of these diseases. Even chronic diarrhea also get better within six weeks of taking frankincense.

3.    Better Oral Health

If you are suffering from a toothache, bad breath, mouth sores, or any other oral issues, then frankincense can be therapeutic for you. The presence of Boswelic acid in frankincense makes it very effective for any oral infections.

Frankincense can also cure canker sore because of its anti-bacterial properties. It inhibits the growth of the infection as well.

4.    Decrease Stress and Destructive Emotions

When inhaled, frankincense oil been shown to reduce heart rate and high blood pressure. It has anti-anxiety and depression-reducing abilities, but unlike prescription medications, it does not have negative side effects or cause unwanted drowsiness.

5.    Frankincense For Immunity

Researchers have confirmed that frankincense benefits range to immunity boosting capabilities as well.  Frankincense can kill dangerous viruses and bacteria. According to research conducted by the Mansoura University of Egypt demonstrated that frankincense oil has powerful immune stimulant action.

Apart from that, frankincense stops germs from growing on the skin or inside your mouth. It also makes your home germ free. Its antiseptic properties can benefit you if you gurgle it regularly. This practice can prevent cavities and oral infection.

6.    Frankincense For Skin

Frankincense benefits comprise the capability to improve skin tone, strengthen skin, and enhance elasticity. It is also famed for its defense activity against blemishes and bacteria. But the best thing about frankincense is it works as an anti-aging remedy. It is known for lifting the skin and making it suppler. Through balancing and restoring skin elasticity, it also prevents skin from sagging. It prevents acne, fades stretch marks, heals scars, and moistures dry skin.

If you are suffering from skin irritation, itching, or post-pregnancy skin conditions, then frankincense can work like magic for you.

7.    Frankincense For Improved Memory

As per the studies, frankincense oil can improve and boost memory. It is also believed to be useful for enhancing learning capacity. According to a few animal studies, expecting mother using frankincense has given birth to babies with improved memory and intelligence.

Though more researches are needed to be confirmed about it.

8.    Frankincense For Women Health

Frankincense oil benefits include decreasing signs accompanying menstruation. It is also useful for symptoms associated with menopause. Frankincense is known for balancing the hormones in a way that specifically advantageous for women. It also eases cramps, relieves pain, and reduces nausea, anxiety, headaches, mood swings, and premature fatigue. Frankincense oil may be associated with the regulation of estrogenic release. Through this, the risk of cyst and tumour development decreases. 

9.    Frankincense For Digestion

Frankincense aids the gastrointestinal system to correctly detox, which is needed for a balanced bowel movement. If you face a natural digestive condition like cramping or abdominal pain, nausea, excessive bloating or PMS pains, then you can try frankincense supplement moderately.

Frankincense can speed up the release of digestive enzymes and relaxes the gut muscles as well. It also increases the urination through which your body can detox adequately. Chronic colitis, diarrhea, and gut infections are some common issues which can be treated with frankincense

10.  Frankincense For Sleep

Frankincense is beneficial for managing stress. Frankincense usages include lowering the intensities of anxiety. So if you are tossing all the nigh and becoming insomniac due to the high level of stress and anxiety, then frankincense can be very beneficial for you. It has a sedative, calming and grounding fragrance. This particular aroma can unsurprisingly help you to feel drowsy and fall asleep eventually.

This organic sleep aid also supports open inhaling channels, which lets our body to be in the perfect sleeping body temperature. If you are up due to congestion or asthma-related breathing issue, then also frankincense can give you a good night sleep.

11.  Frankincense For Pain

As we have already said, frankincense is high in anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is the leading cause behind most of the joint and pain-related issues. The major inflammatory molecules and their production can be inhibited by frankincense. Fortunately, these particular molecules are the secret villain behind asthma, arthritis, and irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, etc.

It also stops the breakdown of the cartilage tissue. Frankincense can be considered as the natural pain-reliever, which also take care of the tendons, joints, and muscles. 

12.  Frankincense For Cancers

Frankincense is believed to fight a few particular cancers. The Boswellic acid can reduce the chance of the growth of cancerous cells and stops them from spreading. According to a test-tube test, Boswellic acid can also prevent DNA formation in a cancerous cell.

Frankincense for cancer is always a subject to argue about among the researchers and experts. There are a lot of researches conducted throughout the world to check its efficacy when it comes to a disease like cancer. But more successful studies are required to bring a conclusion.

Tips and Precautions about Frankincense you should be aware of:

As a whole, frankincense does not have any severe and dangerous side effect, but still, you need to be cautious and careful while using essential oils. Essentials oils are powerful, so you should never use them raw. Using it through diffusion on in vaporizer is alright though. Few people feel irritation or allergic reaction after applying the mixture on the skin. So it is better to test it in a small amount before smearing it on your body.

However, you should be careful if you are under the following circumstance or keep in mind the precautions:

  • If you are pregnant, then do not try to consume it or use frankincense without consulting your doctor.
  • We are not suggesting to replace your existing medicines with frankincense. Maybe you are using a particular pill for arthritis, do not stop using it.
  • Do not apply it directly on your skin. Always dilute frankincense essential oil with other carrier oil and then use it.
  • If you are a chronic patient and taking a regular medicine of a particular kind, then talk to your doctor and make his suggestion.
  • Self-diagnosis can be harmful, so do not administer any treatment or alternative way to top treat anything.
  • If you are a cancer patient, then also talk to your doctor first. Cancer is often treated with high dosages of other medicines which can be reactive to any other components.
  • Do not overdo anything. Overdoing this kind of remedial activities without the right knowledge can be harmful.


Frankincense is one of the most famous traditional medicines which are being used for hundreds of years. Frankincense oil benefits are vivid and ancient. Our ancestors were wise and knowledgeable. They knew that natural remedies are far better than artificial treatments. If you want to buy frankincense then do not worry, it is readily available. The probable side effects of this essential oil are less, and it is also quite safe to use. Arthritis, joint pains, stress, and sleep disorders are prevalent issues of modern lifestyle. Frankincense can treat all these ailments very efficiently. We cannot fight these regular issues with pills. Therefore, it is better to rely on organic and natural products like this.


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